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Immortal completes new album

Monday, January 08, 2018 12:39 PM PT

The recording and mastering of the new Immortal album is complete.

The new full-length album was produced by Peter Tägtgren (Abyss Studio) who also produced At The Heart Of Winter, Damned In Black, Sons Of Northern Darkness, and All Shall Fall.

Demonaz and Horgh comment:

"We have put a massive amount of energy into this, and wanted to deliver our absolutely best. It has been a pleasure to finish the studio process and most of all being stoked about the final result. Peter Tägtgren has done an outstanding job in producing and mixing it. We now look forward to have it released, and are excited to share our 9th full length with you all."

The album will be released by Nuclear Blast Records later this year and will feature the following tracks: "Northern Chaos Gods", "Into Battle Ride", "Gates To Blashyrkh", "Grim And Dark", "Called To Ice", "Where Mountains Rise", "Blacker Of Worlds" and "Mighty Ravendark."

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