Dothack said over and out

wwjd 7/12/2018 8:22:27 PM
wee_bastid 7/12/2018 8:25:42 PM
post proof you're not him
d0thack 7/12/2018 8:28:07 PM
Yeah. Post proof your not me so wee can finally get some sleep over this "mystery"
d0thack 7/12/2018 8:29:27 PM
If Vagi can confirm we're two different people maybe we can finally help this f.aggot some tissue to wipe his snotty nose .
AnalButt 7/12/2018 8:31:45 PM
Weird thread
wee_bastid 7/12/2018 8:34:04 PM
so in other words

still no proof
d0thack 7/12/2018 8:35:15 PM
Ok guy. Lol. You are stupid, weird, and obsessed . I broke you. Lol.
wee_bastid 7/12/2018 8:45:20 PM
post proof
celine 7/12/2018 8:51:31 PM
Lol, thumb cant even proof good
d0thack 7/12/2018 8:57:35 PM
Okay guys. You got me. I'm "wwjd".
wwjd 7/12/2018 9:14:58 PM
I just remembered the password to this. I've been drinking. I'm suppose to post numbers now right?
d0thack 7/12/2018 9:17:20 PM
fck! I thought I had twelve other browsers open for all the other usernames I operate under!
wwjd 7/12/2018 9:40:13 PM
lets just go to bed