The lack of threads jubilating over my absence

bulletsofdusk 7/12/2018 10:26:45 AM
is mildly disturbing, to tell you the truth. I've been gone over a week, and none of you fckheads have made a single thread showing your gratitude. What the fck????????
spaceghhost 7/12/2018 10:41:09 AM
you were here in some other form.
bulletsofdusk 7/12/2018 10:42:46 AM
Yeah, but I didn't post.
spaceghhost 7/12/2018 10:59:15 AM
but in that lack of posts you were still here in a not so here kind of way
withdeadhandsrising 7/12/2018 2:01:30 PM
how many times does it have to be said before it sinks into your skull, cleftard

you're not some great annoyance. nobody walks into a living room and celebrates that there isn't a house fly buzzing around.
bulletsofdusk 7/12/2018 2:05:21 PM
Yet you keep feeling the need to put me in my place, you Italian negro.
withdeadhandsrising 7/12/2018 2:11:18 PM
well, when you make a thread expressing incredulity at the fact that nobody has acknowledged you not being here, you leave yourself open to hearing that you're not important to anybody.

also, why are you pretending that you enjoy being shat on at every turn here? it's really fcking transparent, stupid. you eat it up when even the lowliest of gimmick posters give you the time of day without letting you know you're awful and stupid and not good at anything. remember when you thought making jokes about ed_moneys wife would make carve be friends with you? lololol
bulletsofdusk 7/12/2018 2:33:46 PM
And a novel about how I'm not important. Yeah, good stuff, friend.
withdeadhandsrising 7/12/2018 2:36:35 PM
and as per usual, when faced when any sort of reality check you completely avoid the question.
bulletsofdusk 7/12/2018 2:37:45 PM
What was the question?
celine 7/12/2018 3:23:57 PM
The part with a question mark
withdeadhandsrising 7/12/2018 4:43:54 PM