The worst part about living with my parents

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seriousloser 3/13/2018 7:16:51 PM
I brought a friend home last night and my dad got pissed at how "loud" we were. We were just watching motocross and drinking beers. I have to hear them have sex or do whatever at night and they're not quiet about it.

It's so unfair.
celine 3/13/2018 9:10:20 PM
Completely incapable of following a narrative. Youre a nitwit
carveyournamein 3/13/2018 9:20:06 PM
barbara 3/13/2018 9:21:55 PM
you were probably watching supercross and if you mistake the two again I will end your pathetic gimmick life
easyhateoven 3/13/2018 9:51:18 PM
lol @ celine being triggered by a gimmick
celine 3/13/2018 9:52:37 PM

Go back to reddit, buzzsaw
easyhateoven 3/13/2018 10:13:07 PM
*yawn* another reddit and buzzsaw comment. so unoriginal. i thought someone as 'intelligent' as you can come up with better material. guess not, twink!
celine 3/13/2018 10:13:50 PM
Save it for reddit, buzz
easyhateoven 3/14/2018 7:19:45 AM
toot_toot 3/14/2018 10:36:12 AM
Your lame insults are recycled reddit trash posts, it's amazing that you don't get that
easyhateoven 3/14/2018 10:37:31 AM
how would i? unlike you, i dont go on reddt, you useless twit
toot_toot 3/14/2018 10:41:03 AM

Are you using a random conservative insult bot?
easyhateoven 3/14/2018 10:42:57 AM
i know you just heard of these words last week, but they have been around for many years. sorry to disappoint you.
toot_toot 3/14/2018 10:48:11 AM
Be careful guys he might call you a cuckold next!

You fcking suck, dork
easyhateoven 3/14/2018 10:51:12 AM
holy shit you're dumb and boring

fcking nerd
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