Annual simon_belmonT NFL playoff thread

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simon_belmonT 12/31/2017 6:05:45 PM
Remember last year when I basically picked every game wrong? Tune in for my picks this year!
simon_belmonT 12/31/2017 6:14:56 PM
This is the [OFFICIAL] thread by the way
Rick____tocchet 12/31/2017 6:20:06 PM
ed_money 12/31/2017 6:42:40 PM
Who wont win this year?
BULLethead 12/31/2017 6:43:07 PM
Not interested
simon_belmonT 12/31/2017 6:43:58 PM
The giants
pongo_pigmayis 12/31/2017 6:59:05 PM
I hate riding hype trains, but the Vikings look almost unstoppable.
simon_belmonT 12/31/2017 7:59:43 PM
The Bills are in! They're my pick
easyhateoven 12/31/2017 11:46:16 PM
The Bills will be out in the first round.
simon_belmoNt 1/2/2018 10:16:15 AM
I'll have my picks out by Friday after I review some tape
suicidebears 1/2/2018 10:25:26 AM
what's your film room setup look like

mine has a toilet and a chinese made android tablet
simon_belmoNt 1/2/2018 10:29:02 AM
Hot dogs on a grill 24/7
suicidebears 1/2/2018 10:43:39 AM
one of those greasy gas station roller grills no doubt
simon_belmonT 1/6/2018 2:23:16 PM
oh shit, i forgot to make my picks. uhhh, chiefs, falcons, jags, saints. there you have it.
simon_belmonT 1/6/2018 2:25:01 PM
chiefs blow out the titans.

bills keep it close, but jags pull away in the end

falcons go up on the rams early, lose the lead, but put together a great last minute drive to win

cam newton has explosive diarrhea at half time
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