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A new Deathwhite track is available for streaming.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018 12:24 PM PT

Official press release:

Deathwhite are streaming a new track off their forthcoming album, For a Black Tomorrow. A powerful, moving take on melancholic metal, the new track titled "The Grace of the Dark" is streaming now at Decibel Magazine.

Regarding the new track, Deathwhite comments: "The last song we composed for the 'For a Black Tomorrow' album, 'The Grace of the Dark' features one of our more melancholic riffs that is combined with outside instrumentation, i.e. keyboards, which marks a first for Deathwhite. We felt so strongly about the song upon its completion that we felt it had to be lead-off track on the album. And lyrically, it tells the story of someone who only finds solace in the darkest and quietest of places…"

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